Our Project

Our Project

Recognize and Change is an international project co-financed by the European Union. It comprises 15 partners (link to section below on the page) from 9 countries in Europe, Africa, South America. It proposes an innovative training model that matches  mutual learning with communication, knowing-how with being, creativity with thinking. 

Recognize and Change is aimed at students, young people, schools, parents, associations, researchers and policy makers. It focuses on active participation, invites to do and to understand together. It believes in an inclusive and non-discriminatory culture. It promotes the plurality of identities and mutual recognition. It wishes to increase awareness and critical understanding of  the multiple shapes of violence and discrimination. 

Recognize and Change is located in middle and High Schools,  formal and non-formal educational areas, in civil society, in the training of Young Educators, in the involvement of associations, families and communities. Across three continents, the knots of this network are administrators, social researchers, decision makers, citizens. through the monitoring and the long lasting evaluation of the results.

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  •  Recognizing ourselves in the mosaic of relationships we maintain every day
  •  Changing the way we look at others and our way of re/acting
  •  Promoting a global culture based on the plurality of identities and cultural differences
  •  Fighting discrimination and gender-based violence
  •  Understanding worldwide development in its day-to-day dimension
  •  Giving a positive contribution to the improvement of  living conditions of every human being 

Recognize and Change is ready to make itself known to anyone interested in the issues of development education. If you want to know more about our model and participate in our transnational network, or if you want to bring Recognize & Change to your school, or for any additional information, you can write to: info@recandchange.eu and leave your contacts and the reason for your interest. 


expected results

Training and communication

  • 150 Young Educators involved in awareness and training courses in schools and youth associations 

Raising  awareness

  • 13.500 High School students made aware through workshops and communication campaigns 
  • 3.500  Secondary School students have increased their awareness of the issues of the project in the domain of interpersonal and virtual relationships 
  • 1.5 million people are reached through communication campaigns through social media, interactive multimedia platform, performances and events, a manual on training methodology and the development of campaigns made by young users 

Local Politics

  • Proposals for the improvement of local public policies against discrimination and violence and for the promotion of social inclusion and citizen participation.