Every year the schools involved in Recognize & Change can participate in a video contest.
The videos produced will be part of the main output - the R&C communication campaign.

The theme of the second year competition is discrimination and is inspired by the answers, reaction and comments generated by the following series of questions:

  • What is discrimination?
  • Are you discriminated in your everyday life? How?
  • Have you ever discriminated anyone in your everyday life? If yes, how? And why?
  • How do you fight discrimination in your everyday life?
  • In your opinion, does discrimination exist? Or does it not?

R&C is looking for ideas out of the box, inspiring and surprising suggestions, food for thought that will communicate in a straightforward and appealing way all that counts when you relate to others.

The best works will be awarded and disseminated in the regions and cities involved in the project.

To find out about deadlines, prizes, how to participate or any additional information, you can write to 



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