International Holocaust Memorial Day

On 27 January every year, it is Holocaust Memorial Day. Recognize & Change focuses on discrimination related to cultural and gender differences so we have our strong say on this annual day of commemoration.


Shoah is the Hebrew word for “catastrophe”. This term specifically means the killing of nearly six million Jews, but also homosexuals, Roma, disabled people, in Europe by Nazi Germany and its collaborators during the Second World War

In order to honour the victims of the most horrible case of discrimination that ever took place in Europe, we decided to show in this post four pictures.

These picture connect our project with the recent history of Shoah and they aim to raise awareness on of what can happen when prejudice and persecution are left unchallenged. It happened once, therefore it can happen again (Primo Levi).

First Photo: the Stolpersteine in Rome.

Second Photo: a close-up of Elias Canetti, born in Ruse and Nobel prize for literature, a Jewish Bulgarian who spoke old Judaic Spanish at home, Bulgarian at school, German after he settled in Vienna and finally emigrated to the UK to escape the Nazis.

Third Photo: the Brazilian football players who wore the yellow David star.

Fourth Photo: a book of Judeo-Spanish language and literature in Andalucia - the first diaspora in modern history. By the way, the same language was also spoken by the Jews in Thessaloniki... and now this language is almost extinct.

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