Discovering our partners lands: Burgas

Let's talk about the cities and regions where our project partners are based.

Let's discover Burgas, Bulgaria.

Burgas is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria and is located on Black Sea shores. It hosts an important port and its economy is focused on manufacturing and tourism.

The skyline of the city is pretty contemporary and is marked by communist-era buildings together with new projects taking place. The old port docks, for example, have been recently restored and converted into restaurants and clubs.

Burgas landscape is characterized by several parks and pedestrian streets, that are the core areas of the city movida.

Beaches play and important role in the city living as well. On the seafront there are lots of restaurants where to eat the Bulgarian traditional recipes.

The city is currently living a great economic and social growth that is been reflecting on the associative composition of the area.

Burgas hosts our partner Delphi. The association is focused on youth volunteering, international civil service and youth exchanges.     

Burgas surroundings are interesting too. The small town of Primorsko, the BilikTash archaeological site, the salt pans and the Black Sea shoreline are particularly remarkable.